i-BI content

business intelligence modular design

i-BI modular design

  • i-BI is an "end-to-end", modular and friendly BI solution customized to address all business modules which operates within an Insurance Company: Sales & Marketing, Claims, Underwritting, Actuary, Reinsurance, Finance & Accounting
  • i-BI is easy to implement and configure for any transactional Core Insurance System
business intelligence reports

Data view

  • Display data within nice data grids with rich formatting capabilities
  • For each data grid you can choose any graphs: bar, column, pie, line
  • Top reports (Clients, Brokers, Agents, etc.) will help you to see the representative core business
business intelligence drill-down analysis

Drill-down and filters

  • Drill-down and Drill-up your data by any dimension and measure you define
  • Filters and custom filters are allowed within each data grid in order to get the information you are looking for
  • Totals and subtotals are available when you drill-down, drill-up or filter
business intelligence trends analysis


  • Nice trends to see if you are above or under the plan
  • Monitoring your sales will help you to prevent an unpredictable negative trend
business intelligence profitability analysis


  • Technical Income, Outcome, and Profit is an important measure for any business
  • You can see you profit by any dimension
business intelligence time analysis

Time dimension

  • You can analyse measures at any time or see their time evolution
  • Our time hierarchy is Year > Quarter > Month > Day
bi for insurance triangulation analysis

Claims triangulation

  • We use otimised methods for decumulative and cumulative claims triangles
  • IBNR Basic Chain Ledder Method is checked by our skilled actuaries
business intelligence hot map analysis

Hot map

  • You can view your sales performance by Zone, Branch, and County
  • On the hot map you can differentiate profitable and non-profitable regions by colours
  • You can zoom-in or zoom-out the hot map
BI arhitecture

i-BI main arhitecture

  • ETL: data are extracted, transformed and loaded from history tables of Core Insurance System
  • i-BI Data Warehouse is the core of i-BI, where all data are stored at the lowest granularity level
  • i-BI UI is a secured web interface nice and easy to use. It is a dynamic unified reporting “tool” which allows drill-down and drill-up