Insurance content



i-BI is an important analysis tool in supporting our decision process with success for more than two years.

-Adrian Ionescu, IT & RM Director BCR Asigurari

In the developing InsEur organisation we are keen on having good and comprehensive information on our business in various countries. i-BI is on our short list of BI instruments since it offers information from various disciplines (sales, actuarial, underwriting and reïnsurance) in a consistent and easy to implement way

-Piet Borst & Managing Partner InsEur & IP Enterprises

i-BI is the best solution you can have on board - containing a built-in insurance content and functionality:

  • Hundreds of dimensions and measures for insurance business
  • Accounting reserve UPR and EP calculation on daily pro rata
  • Claim reserves OLR (RBNS) and IBNR
  • Analysis of Policies and Claims by satus at any time
  • Risk exposure (yrs), Claim frequency, Risk premiums by any risk parameters
  • Loss Ratio at any level

Sales & Marketing

  • Monitoring the performance of your distribution (sales) channels
  • Effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Analysis of indicators such as # Policies, GWP, Commission, Average Premium, Average Commission, Lapse rate, Renewal rate, etc
  • Analyse sale force performance by Time dimension, obtaining KPIs “actual vs. past” or “actual vs. plan“ by # Policies and GWP


  • Monitoring # Claims and Volume of Claims by status (paid, outstanding, regresses, refused, etc)
  • Claim reserve RBNS, Average Claim, and Claim frequency
  • Analyse claims at any level (Branch, Client, Product, Risk class, etc) in order to avoid suspicious claims or frauds


  • Loss Ratio at any defined dimension (Client, Product, Sale channels, Branch, etc). Loss Ratio is a key indicator for any underwriting analysis
  • Premium rates at risk class level and their evolution in time(Premium/Sum Insured)
  • Sum Insured exposure for in-force policies at any date
  • Underwritting year / Accident year deep analysis


  • IBNR calculation with BCL method (Basic Chain Ladder)
  • Incurred Claims triangulation by any defined dimension (Client, Product, Sale channels, Branch, etc)
  • Total net exposure at risk (yrs.)
  • Net premiums or risk premiums at the risk class level and their evolution in time


  • Reinsurance statistics by underwriting year as RI_Premiums, RI_Commissions, RI_UPR, RI_Claims, RI_RBNS
  • Catastrophic exposure by Cresta zones and bands of Sum Insured
  • Reinsurance breakdown by reinsurer, treaty, and treaty section

Finance & Accounting

  • Technical Income by defined dimensions (Client, Product, Sale channels, Branch, etc)
  • Technical Outcome by defined dimensions
  • Profit & Loss account by defined dimensions