Get a clear image of your insurance business with i-BI

  • Simplest, quickest method to analyze and control insurance business data
  • Replace thousands of static reports by an unified reporting tool based on Cubes of information
  • i-BI is a complex Business Intelligence system with a modular design based on OLAP Cubes which support decision process and give a clear view of your insurance business at all levels
WHY i-BI ?
  • The insurance business is a complex one. Contracts usually run for many years and have a complex life-cycle. As a result, it is difficult to measure exactly the performance of your entire portfolio from general to particular and vice-versa without a business intelligence system (BI)
  • i-BI will bring intelligence to your Insurance business
  • You will analyze and drive your insurance business by any dimension, measure and KPI
  • You have access to dynamic reports at any time and in any place of the world through a friendly and secure web interface

i-BI Modules

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bi sales and marketing module

Sales & Marketing

Monitoring sales figures (# Policies or Premiums) helps you to prevent an unpredictable negative trend

bi claims module


Analyze claims at any level (Claim Office, Client, Product, Risk cover, etc.) to avoid suspicious claims or frauds

bi underwriting


Deep analysis of Loss Ratio at any level is the key indicator for any underwriting research

bi actuary


Having IBNR BCL, Risk exposure, and Risk premiums by any dimension then actuarial work become easy

bi reinsurance


Reinsurance statistics by UW year as RI_Premiums, RI_Commissions, etc. by Treaty, Reinsurer, etc.

bi finance and accounting

Finance & Accounting

Profit & Loss account by any dimension, like Client, Branch, Product, Risk cover, etc.


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